How sea animals use the magnetic field for their orientation?

Facts how sea animals use Earth's magnetic power

Many animals migrate from their places, and all the while they navigate using the Earth’s magnetic field for detection of their way.

It is still unclear how they sense the magnetic stimuli at a molecular level. The cells which have iron-oxide, which are called the magnetite, are sensitive to the magnetic fields, and these are involved in sensing the magnetic waves.

The fishes that use magnetic stimulus have increased ferritin genes, which comprise proteins that store iron. The ferritin protein helps in the repairing of magnetite containing cells.

Many animals in the sea use magnetic waves, and they make use of this in a very significant way.

The magnetic lines would curve around the globe from the southern hemisphere, and they re-enter from the northern hemisphere.

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In this blog, we’ll know how the sea animals use the Earth’s magnetic waves for their prey and their navigation and find their mate:

  1. Literal term for using magnetic waves
    ○ How is Earth called a magnet?
  2. Sea animals that use the earth’s magnetic power for their Navigation?
    ○ Salmon fish back home from the ocean
    ○ Whales use of the magnetic field for prey
    ○ Dolphins using the waves for finding their pod
    ○ Sea turtles navigating their way again using magnetic waves

Literal Term for The Usage Of Magnetic Field By Sea Animals

The literal term by which the sea animals use the Earth’s magnetic waves for detecting their Navigation is Magnetoreception.

The Magnetoreception is present even in the bacteria, arthropods, Mollusca, and also major taxonomic groups of vertebrates. Humans do not have this type of magnetic sense, but they have a protein called cryptochrome, which could serve them this function.

How is Earth called a magnet?

Yes, Earth is a magnet, and it is composed of layers with various chemical compositions and many different physical properties. The Earth’s crust has some permanent magnetization, and in the core, it has its magnetic field, the core generates its magnetic field.

The core of the Earth is the central part of the field where we measure at the surface, and it is the main place of sustaining life.

Sea animals that use the earth’s magnetic power for their Navigation?

Let’s see some of the facts about how sea animals use the Earth’s magnetic power for their Navigation.

How Can Salom Know Their Way Back Home From Ocean

Salmon return to their place where they are born as they know that place is right for them to spawn; they don’t waste their time looking for suitable habitat in another stream or another salmon.

Scientists say and believe that as a compass, the Salomon uses the Earth’s magnetic field to navigate their way, and they find out their way from the river they came. They start smelling to find out their Navigation.

Solomon fish earth's magnetic field for Navigation


The humpback whales are famous for their songs and symbolic for the conservation of the ocean; they occupy every sea of the world.

Some people say that the whales use their senses for the prediction of their prey around them in the ocean. And some people say that the whales use their hairs as antennas, and they pick the signals from Earth’s magnetic field and use them in their Navigation during their long migrations.

They embark in their journey, and they travel from north and south poles to hunt for their prey of krill and small fish. They go all the way for their prey and also for their breeding.

Whales use Earth's magnetic power for their Navigation during their long migrations


Dolphins use echolocation; this is a sort of sonar ability that helps the dolphins find their prey and also their pod. By this, the scientists have confirmed that the dolphins even Earth’s magnetic field.

There is a study made by scientists regarding the Earth’s magnetic use by dolphins. The dolphins quickly approached the side where it is magnetic, and they did not turn towards the non-magnetized side. By this, they proved that the dolphins also use the magnetic rays for the direction of their prey and their pod.

Earth's magnetic rays will help dolphins for their Navigation


Young sea turtles during their homing and epic transoceanic migrations the sea turtles use the magnetic waves. A new study is being made using the satellite and has shown how the adult turtles also navigate their ways using magnetic waves of the Earth.

To all Sea Turtles navigation is so fascinating, as turtle hatchlings have never been open towards the sea. They maintain them after swimming beyond the land. The juvenile young turtles follow a complicated migratory way that often leads to going back to ocean basins

Sea turtles navigate their ways using magnetic waves of the Earth

CONCLUSION: The migration of the animals is an epic trip; they rely on the position of the stars and the position of the sun. They also use their sense of smell and even landmarks around them. They follow nature for detecting their way to and away from their destination; they need do not get diverted following nature; it’s the best way.


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