How to Build a Healthy Body with 7 Basic Easy to Follow Life Tweaks

Simple yoga and exercise with healthy food and positive mindset will give you a healthy body

A simple question – how unhealthy is your body? Not comfortable? So, how many times have your cribbed about not being in great physical or mental shape? Or, have you recently been worried over the rising blood pressure and anxiety or have you dreamt … like always, of a more slender waistline? There are many like you across all ages and lifestyles, who wonder what exactly it takes to have a healthy body – a body that promises a longer and complaint-free life.

For a stress-free and healthy mind, you need a healthy body to begin with. But, hang on; there are absolutely no special tricks to achieve a healthier body. It is a way of living, a consistent effort to switch to a lifestyle that is not only enjoyable but also responsible to say the least!

It is a given that health complications and hiccups will be a part and parcel of our life journey, but then how to work towards a body that endures the pain and remains in top condition and spirit even in these testing times.

Building a healthy body with good food habits and lifestyle changes

A healthy body is a workshop that needs continuous boost of ‘eating right, doing right and thinking right’. Easier said than done, you can put your efforts into the prime aspects of your life to uplift your body and move towards a healthier you!

Here’s a short and quick plan of action towards what you can do and how to be a better version of your present self:

  • Eat healthily
  • Get regular physical activity
  • Think positively
  • Sleep well
  • Lose weight
  • Drop the fag and chuck the drinks
  • Get into a routine

Eat healthily

Healthy living begins with healthy eating that is depicted through a food pyramid

You are what you eat!

Many of us already understand the importance of healthy eating habits. But, with so much to tempt our taste buds around us, we fall prey to the junk food trap. More tragically, we have started believing in the self-proclaimed ‘natural’ and ‘healthy’ jargons of the preservative-rich food and toxic ready-to-eats around us. We have slowly but surely moved away from the goodness of nature, quite literally!

So, what is the big tug of war here? Choosing between what to pick up from the shelf or what to add to your pan?

  • It is crucial and absolutely important to ensure that you have a lot of colors when you eat. Natural colors! Add fresh fruits and vegetables to boost your immunity and also give you the right balance of vital nutrients.
  • Select low fat dairy for improving your calcium intake along with Vitamin D, animal protein, phosphorus, potassium, magnesium, and vitamins A, B12, and riboflavin.
  • Eat a limited portion of carbohydrates; especially once you reach the 30’s or the 40s. Your food should not only match your age, nutritional and health needs but most importantly, suit the climate that you live in.
  • The key to boost your immunity and ensure a healthier body lies in the food selections you make today for you and your family. A balanced diet that has the right mix of the vital nutrients in the right proportion continues to be the best remedy for most curable ailments.
  • Additionally, keep yourself hydrated through all the seasons. Drink water to not just to quench your thirst but to have a strong circulatory and digestive systems in place. It is also a great antidote to weight-related issues and cardio-vascular problems.
  • Inculcate habits that serve you in the long run. Avoid skipping your breakfast daily, cut down on your desserts and chuck the bag of chips and nutella jar to avoid adding the unwanted and empty (read unhealthy) calories to your diet.

Food trivia : While planning to dine out; remember to order meat of the size of a deck of cards. The portion is enough to meet your protein and iron needs in a day.

Get regular physical activity

Regular physical activity helps you to build a strong and healthy body.

Yes, I saw you rolling your eyes towards heaven. You have read it in every fitness journal and health magazine and you are tired of admitting that you enjoy not trying to move around much. But at what cost? Your life. Or, the sanity of your loved ones?

There is again no fitness mantra and nothing more befitting than lifting your rear and walking that extra mile every day. The least you can do to get into a physical routine is indulge in some form of physical activity at least thrice a week. You can practice yoga (not meditation – that’s for positivity and free flow of energy); you can walk, jog, play outdoors with your folks or just run the daily errands for your household. A vital tip – pick up the broom daily and get into a laborious cleaning session or just mop the floors of your house to get it moving.

Wherever you are comfortable, doing whatever; just do it! You need to start somewhere then why not start with a short soccer session with your kid today! Thumbs up!

Think positively

Positive thinking with gratitude towards life is the right step towards sound mental and physical health.

Today is beautiful. If you have a roof above your head, you woke up in your bed, you had a hot breakfast, you can read this now, you definitely have a better life than millions of people around the world. Then why crib? Why is it never enough? Why can’t we begin the trail of gratitude and start by thanking every single person and product in use by us.

Focus on being grateful for what you have and what you don’t. Think positively towards the smallest joys of life and take the bad days with a pinch of salt. A healthy attitude, especially, during the lows of your life will help you give a new meaning to your living. A positive attitude also builds a healthier immune system, a strong mind and boosts your overall health.

Good company is the best remedy and precaution. Learn to stay around positive people who do not push you towards the shackles of darkness.

Sleep well

A good night’s sleep is important for rejuvenating your body and maintaining functions of your vital organs

Sleep like a baby, always. To put it in short. Eat right, sleep well and do things yourself. That’s like the magic trio of good health.

Sleep is an effective way to put your mind and body into a relaxation mode. Your heart heals and repairs most of its blood vessels during this time. Cell repair, rejuvenation of cells and smooth flow of most vital bodily functions are possible only if you sleep uninterrupted throughout the night.

A person deprived of sleep can suffer from a variety of health issues arising from sleep deficiency including cardiovascular diseases, kidney ailments, hypertension, diabetes and even stroke.

Many researches have pointed towards the direct link between high mortality and poor sleeping habits. Many weight related issues such as obesity and daytime sleepiness, poor activity and sluggish lifestyle also stems from inappropriate sleeping patterns.

Getting a fair share of your daily nap time is important so is the night’s sleep. Remember not to overdo it though. Get at least 6 to 8 hours of sleep daily. We all are different and so are our bodies. So, if you feel sleepy during the daytime, you are missing out on a good night’s sleep.

Lose weight

It is now one of the major search hits on Google and it seems as if every household has a biggest loser winner in the making. Weight loss has been the most searched term and a growing epidemic in itself where every part of the world seems to be affected. Blame it on commercialization of food, growing fast food culture or misleading food commercials, millions and millions of people around the globe are overweight, obese or morbidly obese.

Weight loss is a big challenge for many people trying to shed the extra pounds.

So, how do you lose weight? To begin with there is no single rule to follow this. It is a complete change in lifestyle and mindset that lets you work towards a more satisfying life that you have always yearned for. Obesity can have a number of causes such as genetics, lifestyle, eating habits and so on. However, to combat it and hit a healthier weight, it is important to take some baby steps initially.

  1. Cut down on carbs. It is important to understand that after a certain age, you do not need a lot of rice, bread, pasta and grains to fill you up with nutrients. Instead opt for healthier portions of whole grains such as oats, barley, millets, brown rice etc. Make a conscious effort to chuck the all-purpose flour. It is sticky and can add tons of calories to your diet without doing any real good.
  2. Add color to your plate. Add more veggies and a good portion of seasonal fruits to boost your weight loss efforts.
  3. One of the most notorious carbs is starch; cut it out from your diet. Leave out the fries, steak, donuts, and bagels from your diet. Late night desserts and movie binging is a sin.
  4. Toss in a salad – sprouts, boiled chicken and eggs, lettuce, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, zucchini, avocados, spring onion and so on. The list of healthy and antioxidant-rich food never ends. But hey, put that greasy and fat-rich salad dressing away from the counter. That will spoil the calorie count and do no good to your efforts.
  5. Take in the good fat such as omega 3 fatty acids found in fish, nuts such as Walnuts, Almonds, flax seeds etc.
  6. Avoid opening the pack and putting it in your mouth. Ready-to-eat, packaged foods are the biggest culprits. Stop stocking up pretzels, chips, nachos, sandwich spreads, jams, jellies, gourmet breads. With the lockdown in place, it is time to bake you a fresh multi-grain bun or a gluten-free dessert today!

Weight Loss Trick: Replace all your drinks – soda, sugary beverages, shakes and mocktails with water. Water should become your go-to drink for life-long benefits and ideal weight retention.

Drop the fag and chuck the drinks

Smoking and drinking leads to a variety of physical and mental health issues.

Some habits are hard to die! Especially, if you have picked up most of them during your locker room or dormitory days, then they are even harder to quit.

But, now it is time to say goodbye to your ‘high life’ of the 90’s and 2000’s. As per WHO’s latest reports, smoking and drinking alcohol results in almost six million and 2.5 million deaths, respectively each year worldwide. Smoking on one hand, is one of the main reasons behind oral and lung cancer; excessive alcohol consumption results in liver and kidney diseases, cardiovascular diseases, hypertension and so on.

Most importantly, in the unpredictable Corona times, it is even more crucial to chuck the habits as they have a daunting effect on your immunity. It is in our hand to select life over these addictions. In case you need help with these habit-forming addictions, join an online support group or reach out to your nearest rehabilitation centre to find professional support in your efforts.

Get into a routine

A good health routine helps in building good habits in the long run.

A healthy daily routine can vary from person to person. You need to be conscious about including some form of physical activity, ‘me time’, time with your friends and family and meal planning among other things during your weekday. The best routine is one that has space for work, family, health and above all, you! A fine balance between work and life helps ensure that you have a strong mind residing in a healthy body.

A healthy body is a life-long project that you need to work on. Not just the best advice given above but a conscious decision to grow as a person and moving towards nature is important for embracing a healthy life. So, what are you waiting for? Probably, more tips. We can offer you more mantras and lessons in planning for a long, healthy life in our forthcoming conversations. Let us start building a better and healthier world, right from now!


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