How to See Comet NEOWISE in the US: In the Night Sky of July 2020

A rare comet visible in France in 2010

The start of the year 2020 was not so much welcomed by people all over the world. Since the beginning of the COVID-19 virus, most scientists and researchers have been worried about looking at the current situation.

But not all bad things have continuously been reported. There is good news for all the keen researchers all around the world.

It is said that a rare comet named NEOWISE will appear at some point in time in July 2020. Never heard of the Comet before? No worries I have got you covered.

Know Everything about the Comets NEOWISE.

In this blog, we will go through detailed discussion on Comets NEOWISE. Let’s dive into the details of Comet’s before grabbing more info about the Comet’s sight. Check out the topics to be covered in the blog:

Table of Contents

  1. History of comet NEOWISE
  2. When will it appear?
    • What are the best days and time for gazers in America?
  3. How to get its glance?
  4. What’s next to watch for?

History of Comet NEOWISE

An image of the large telescope of NASA space observatory

Comet NEOWISE also knew as C/2020 F3 (NEOWISE) or Near-Earth Object Wide-field Infrared Survey, conducted by NASA. It is a rearward comet that has an orbit almost similar to a parabolic shape.

Discovered on March 27 in the year 2020. This discovery has been made possible through a space telescope name NEOWISE. This Comet is not so high in the morning sky.

It is just above the northeastern horizon, below the Capella, which is very close to twilight. This Comet can be easily seen through a human’s naked eye, provided the person where and when to look for it!

It was recently reported on July 3, 2020, that Comet NEOWISE had passed very at a very less distance from Sun at a calculated distance of 0.29 Angstrom or 43 million kilometers.
On June 11, 2020, it was less than a small angle of 20 degrees from Sun. But on June 22, the Comet entered the view of SOHO LASCO C3 and brightened to magnitude 3.

According to a report, in July, the Comet has reported brightening its magnitude by +1 far exceeding the brightened magnitudes by most other comets. The Comet has developed a second tail!

Its first tail is made up of gas and ion having a blueish color, and its second tail is made up of golden dust like many other comets, for example, Comet Hale-Bopp, which shows the same characteristics as of Comet NEOWISE.

Now, let us learn about the moment and time of the appearance of this Comet in July.

When it will Appear?

Comet NEOWISE was seen around the globe in July 2020

I know you have waited for this moment! I won’t keep you waiting anymore.
It is being reported to appear nearly on July 23, 2020.

Can’t wait for the moment, right?
The Comet is reported to be closest to the Earth at a calculated distance of 0.69 Angstrom or 103 million kilometers.

But wait!
It is also said that the perihelion passage is going to increase the Comet’s orbital period from 4500 years to nearly 6800 years! So, what does it mean. Maybe ask this question on our Facebook page and I will answer. Of course you can also Google it.

What are the best days and time for gazers in America?

I also strongly recommend that observers should seek for the most important conditions possible. Comets like this one can be obstructed by the weak horizon clouds, haze, smoke, and especially the city lights.

Due to which I will embark on the most important factor : that you should go as far as possible avoiding the urban areas to get the best possible view of NEOWISE.

Moonlight will not brighten up the sky, as the moon will be in its crescent shape and will be visible only in the morning sky from July 20. Further, in the coming July evenings the comet will become fainter, but it will still be far from the reach of sun.

In August, the comet will be at its best position for the observers using small telescopes.

The comet will soon be visible in the night sky of other parts of U.S like Nevada and Colorado on July 15th and July 16th.Canada have experienced the comet in the morning on 12th of July.

How to Get a Glance of the Comet Around the Globe?

This is a telescope used to observe the activities of stars and planets

Hello, Gazers from around the world! I invite you to watch out for the Comet NEWOWISE! This Comet might have already been through your country. A lot of news and images and videos have been popping up from all over America!

Some people have posted images of the rare Comet from Huron County, Ontario, on July 7. Some observers found the Comet to be piercing the sky on July 8 in Middleville, MI. Tucson, Canada, and a lot of other countries have already experienced the beautiful but fierce Comet!

Now some might of you will ask, Will the Comet be visible India?
The answer to this is a BIG YESS!
According to the researchers, the Comet will be visible to India’s people from July 14 to the next coming 20 days. People of India can experience this once in a lifetime opportunity after the sunset for only 20 minutes!
Don’t miss it!

What’s Next to Watch for?

A photographer is capturing the breathtaking once in a lifetime moment.

Statistically, after looking on the activities of comet, in over 250 years we have seen 38 majors. It is possible if this data could help the scientists calculate the next time the comets are visible. But, on very uncertainty terms this doesn’t assure a gazer. There are no records for now.

Though there are a lot of comets which are reported to be visible in America in the year 2020. I have made it easier for you by jotting the most important information required to experience the upcoming Comets

  • Comet ASASSN (C/2018 N2) – This Comet will be visible in winter. This Comet from 2019 is still at 12th magnitude, but it has started to fade. It will be visible in western Andromeda.
  • 289P/Blanpain— This Comet will be visible in winter. It is a tiny, faint comet that occasionally appears and increases its brightness up to 9 magnitudes. It is currently close to the Earth (0.17 A.u.) and piercing Cassiopeia’s sky through Camelopardalis.
  • 141P/Machholz — This Comet will be visible in fall. This Comet was discovered in 1994. One of its fragments was observed in 2005. This time it is going to surprise us all surely. 141P will be visible in the evening skies from November or December. Zipping from Scutum to Sculptor.
  • 17P/Holmes — This Comet will be visible in the fall of 2020 or winters of 2021. The moment it was discovered, it looked like a bright, yellow star. Over the passing nights, Holmes busted into a fantastic view. The Comet had a similar burst in 1892. It might be again when it comes to perihelion passage in February 2021. As expected, it will brighten up to magnitude 14 by the end of the year. But, no one knows if it appears in 2020.


The month of July 2020 is going to experience the rare Comet NEOWISE around the globe. The researchers claim it to be a once in a lifetime opportunity for all the world people. This Comet is discovered by the mission conducted by NASA space observation team. This Comet is low to the northern hemisphere in some parts of the world. It will be visible after the sunset for 20 minutes in India.


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