Normal Things that can’t be Done When You are in the Space

Normal Things that can’t be Done When You are in the Space

There is a saying that- “being an astronaut is not an easy job.” This is only common sense unless we actually understand the hardship of astronauts. There are many myths and related questions on how people in space live and how they manage their life (brief – seemingly long time) in outer space.

Questions like what they eat in space? How do astronauts take their bath? How they exercise and many more. The astronauts in space have a pretty hard life. They can’t stay like how they live on earth, though they don’t complain, it’s hard staying in space.

Things that are to be Avoided to do in Space

In this blog, we will see what common things can be done on earth but not in space; there are things which we can do on earth but not in space. Here are the topics to be covered in the blog:

Table of content:

  • What Happens When Astronauts Cry in Space?
  • Can Astronauts Drink Carbonated Drinks in Space?
  • Is Eating Regular Food Possible in Space?
  • Is Sleeping Comfortable in Space?
  • Do Astronauts Maintain Hygiene in Space?

There are some activities which are hard to pull off, here are some that can be done on earth but can’t be done in the space

Crying is Technically not Possible in Space

In film history, there is a most famous quote – in space, nobody can hear you scream, but in the context of a movie, it is promoting that someone can’t cry in space, and it will be inconvenient.

When asked by an astronaut crying in space, it noted that they couldn’t cry in space and the tears themselves sting a bit.

It is impossible for astronauts to cry in space

And yes, it is proved that they can’t physically react like crying in space, the tears can’t flow downward like that they float on the earth, as there is no gravity to pull them down.

The more they cry, the more the liquid gets accumulated, and it gets spread through the entire eyeball. If the drop of the tears becomes big, they break and float around the cabin.
They form like a jelly-like blob, and there would be no gravity, so advised that when you are in space, it is not a good point to remember things that give you sadness and tears.

Can Astronauts Drink Carbonated Drinks and Alcohol

Drinking alcohol and soda is not possible in space; the carbonated drinks like soda behave differently in space.

Due to zero-gravity conditions, the bubbles of carbon dioxide will remain within the liquid, and they can’t be released when the bottle opened. It gives the astronauts significant discomfort in the process of digestion.

The consumption of alcohol in space is quite complicated, as there is a belief that says the use of alcohol at higher altitudes makes you feel dizzy, but this is a myth, and there is no link for both.

Alcohol drinking is impossible on space

The woozy feeling at higher altitudes is due to time not given to the body to adapt to the pressure and the lower oxygen levels. But in space, the astronauts have habitual areas and maintain at sea level.

And also, NASA has slapped a ban on alcohol, due to the outrage of the public on alcohol in space.

Is Eating Regular Food Possible in Space?

When they want to eat something in space, it should have a long life, as there are no supermarkets in space to run for what they want.

The food they eat should be safer; at times, the food they like to eat might not suit them in space and may physically hurt them.

The first thing they avoid is the bread as the crumbs may float in the ship and may ruin. The same is with the pepper, salt, and also some other granular spices. The bread crumbs would float in the ship and may cause disturbances for the fellow astronauts.

Certain food not to eat in space

When the astronauts enter space, they undergo some physical changes in their bodies. They eat foods like vegetables, fruits, dairy, frozen, dry, and also concentrated foods.
They crave for foods like hot sauces, salty, spicy, and also for meals like which are sweet. They also crave pungent flavors to spice their life, and they want to spice up their tummy.

Is Sleeping Comfortable in Space?

Sleep is essential for an individual, and this is tough for people who cannot have sufficient rest, especially the people in space who will suffer for sleeping.

Sleeping in space is not simple; it is tough to keep up their minds from sleep as they cannot sleep in space.

In the international space station, there in the space present something like phone booths, which are little more than that for sleeping. These are like quarters for the crew members to sleep.

Ways of sleeping in space

Many things worry about astronauts when they sleep for more than six hours. The actual time scheduled for them is eight hours, but when they sleep for more than six, there resting conditions become somewhat inconvenient.

Sleeping in space is not so easy; due to no gravity, they will be floating in the air, which would be disturbing.

Do Astronauts Maintain Hygiene in Space?

The basic hygiene for boys is shaving their beards. If there is sink in the spacecraft, the beard hairs will be floating all around the ship, causing discomfort to the others.

To avoid this discomfort, there has been something like a vacuum shaver which directly sucks the hair into it, and it is handy for those who stay long in space.

Hygienic habits in space

In space, the astronauts wash their hands with soap water present in like pouches, with the help of a straw they quirt and then use as a hand wash.

Bathing in space is not as comfortable as on earth; frankly, this is the most challenging task of all the things, they have liquid soap and water and have some unique airflow system which dries them up.

Microgravity places the water to try to stick to the body, and this water removed by the astronauts using towels. And brushing is not so easy.


It is so bright that not everything will be normal everywhere, especially in space; we cannot expect everything that happens on earth can also occur in space. Before going to space, the astronauts take a lot of measures, and on earth, only they try adopting the situations they will have in space.


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