Tropical Cyclone Nine in the Atlantic: Looming Over the Caribbean and Florida

Potential cyclone nine to Florida

A potential tropical cyclone is brewing in the Eastern Caribbean part of the Atlantic, which is raising concern in the surrounding parts. Without a defined center, it is expected to become a tropical storm.

As the National Hurricane Center (NHC) branded it, the ‘Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine’ is supposed to make landfall this weekend.

With a threat of a tropical storm to a potential hurricane-force wind, the points which stand in the harm’s way are parts of the Lesser Antilles and the Caribbean, followed by Florida.

During this time, with a defined center, it is expected to convert into the pre-dubbed name, the tropical Storm Isaias.

Tropical Cyclone Nine: What People of Florida and the Caribbean Should Know

A counter-clockwise swirling rapid storm in the Northern Hemisphere, the tropical cyclone is formed around a low-pressure center. Before the precipitation, it causes gales and thunderstorms, followed by the heavy rain.

After the Pacific, the Atlantic Ocean is one of the places riddled with a high occurrence of tropical cyclones, known as Hurricanes. In general, the tropical cyclone season in the Atlantic Ocean along with the Gulf of Mexico and the Caribbean Sea runs from 1st June to 30th November.

Even though it is not yet a tropical storm, it is projected to make landfall in Florida as per the projected forecast. According to the NHC, it is moving at 23 miles per hour, with a maximum wind gust of 45 miles per hour.

It is hovering around 250 miles from San Juan in Puerto Rico. The lack of a defined center is making it hard for the government to track the trajectory. The land interaction, wind shear, and effect of dry air are affecting the intensification of the storm.

With the westward shift, the projections show that west-coast Florida is going to be affected the most, leaving Texas from taking the full force. The later faced the full brunt of Hurricane Hanna a few days back, along with Mexico.

At the same time, the former 48th Indiana Governor Joe Kernan, who was a Vietnam PoW, passed away today at an age of 74. In another development, the Florida governor, Ron DeSantis assured that they would be ready for this storm. Coming back to the main topic, here are a few things we will include in this blog about the tropical cyclone.

Table of Content

  1. Tropical Cyclone Nine- Path
  2. Tropical Cyclone Impact on Florida
  3. Tropical Cyclone Spaghetti Model
  4. Hurricane Hanna Mexico Couple Rescues Puppy
  5. Hurricane Hanna Border Wall
  6. Tropical Cyclone Nine- Flash Flood warning

Tropical Cyclone Nine- Path

There are a number of agencies and institutions who are following the path of the tropical cyclone. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration or NOAA’s National Hurricane Center (NHC) issued an advisory regarding the potential danger of this storm.

Formerly known as Invest 92L, the Potential Tropical Cyclone Nine is expected to form the Tropical Storm Isaias before it reaches Florida.

Potential Tropical Cyclone path projection

Twitter is ablaze with the forecast and path-prediction of the Cyclone Nine. Here is the tweet from Brad Panovich, the chief meteorologist at WCNC Charlotte, with the updated path

Tropical Cyclone Impact on Florida

It is the first storm to reach Florida this hurricane season. If it does not lose power with dry wind, the citizens may face heavy rain along with a severe storm. There is also a warning of a flash flood in some areas.

As per the Emergency Management department Florida, it may continue till the following week, although it is too early for clear prediction of areas that will be affected.

The governor, Ron DeSantis encouraged everyone to prepare by possessing a week of disaster management supplies. The police force along with the emergency response team is prepared to tackle any change in the situation. Still, if the storm stays north of the island and collects moisture, it may have a dire effect on the state.

Tropical Cyclone Spaghetti Model:

An effective set of ways to track the progression path of a tropical cyclone, The Spaghetti models, or Spaghetti plots refer to a computer simulation model. Basically the model predicts the potential tropical cyclone paths.

When you take all the singular model tracks together for the final prediction, it resembles strands of spaghetti noodles, which gives rise to the term.

There is a European and American version of this model. The European model is more accurate to track the tropical cyclone in real-time, while the American model offers a better forecast.

The National Hurricane Center prefers the Global Forecast System or the American model for this purpose.

Hurricane Hanna Mexico Couple Rescues Puppy:

With one cyclone looming over the head, another severe storm hit neighbouring Mexico as well as the state of Texas a few days back. Among all the destruction and death, the humane side lit up the headlines, when a Mexican couple saved their pet puppies even after losing everything else.

You can see the video in this link:

Mexico couple bucket 10 puppies


The viral video that shows the couple rescuing the puppers in a bucket was shot in the streets of Santa Cecilia in northern Mexico. Betty Vaquera Escandón recorded the video when parents Beatriz Escandón and Santos Vaquera Herrera decided to rescue their dogs from their flooded home in the plastic bucket, leaving everything else.

Hurricane Hanna Border Wall:

The USA President Donald Trump was already in the line of fire for a number of reasons in his country. The Hurricane Hanna has supplied his critics with new ammunition.

A viral video showed that wall-parts were coming down with wind-gusts, claiming that the infamous border wall is down with the hurricane. With the cue, the critics did not miss any chance and took to social media against the low-grade construction.

Image of Hurricane Hanna wall- verified as wrong

However, the video is proved to be not related to the hurricane, according to the related departments and agencies. As the U.S. Customs and Border Protection stated, they were not aware of any border wall panels falling due to Hurricane Hanna.

According to CBP, the video was from June 2020, not in the Rio Grande Valley Sector but a Department of Defence construction site in New Mexico.

Tropical Cyclone Nine- Flash-flood Warning

As the tropical cyclone has the potential to upgrade to the tropical storm, there is a chance of heavy rainfall across Southeast Bahamas to Florida. The Barbados Meteorological Services (BMS) has issued a flash-flood warning for this reason, as well as a small-craft warning.

With an average rainfall warning of 6 inches, which may go up to 10 inches across Puerto Rico, northern Leeward Islands, Dominical Republic, etc., there can be mudslide along with life-threatening flash floods. With Isaias supposed to hit Florida, there is warning about coastal floods too.

The tropical weather community is abuzz on Reddit, with the possible paths of the cyclone as well as the impact it may have on a whole. You can follow the discussion here:

Tropical Cyclone Nine is strengthening over the Leeward Islands, expected to become Tropical Storm Isaias today from TropicalWeather

Did you know?

What is Potential Tropical Cyclone:

It is basically a term, used for the National Weather Service advisory to talk about a weather disturbance. Generally, the weather phenomenon which is still not a tropical cyclone, but poses the threat level of converting into a tropical storm/ hurricane is branded as Potential Tropical Cyclone. They make landfall in 48 to 72 hours in general.

What are 4 Stages of a Tropical Cyclone:

As per the meteorologists, a tropical cyclone has four distinctive stages for its development. It begins with Tropical disturbance and tropical depression. Then it goes as a tropical storm before it becomes a full-powered tropical cyclone.

How Long Does it Take a Cyclone to Pass

It depends on a number of factors, like the speed, and the amount of moisture present. On an average, a hurricane lasts from 6-7 days. However, it can only stay for a few hours or go on for even 2 weeks.


The tropical cyclone is a major threat to Florida, especially being the first of the season to reach the state. It will test the infrastructure of the government as well as the will of the common people that is for sure.

After the Hurricane Hanna, if this reaches Texas, it will add to the woe. However, tracking the path of the tropical cyclone has provided some hope that it may become weak before breaking into a tropical storm, and losing the power as well as the speed.


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