Two Earths, Maybe Even Three Nearby ‘Only’ 11 Light Years Away

Possibility of habitable 2 or even 3 Earth like planets - just 11 light years away

According to the current scenario. Everyone knows that mother nature is not happy with all the activities we’d – The Humans have been doing to date. At this rate, we might never figure out the exact time to the extinction of the human species throughout the universe. Let’s go through the blog.

All You Should Know About These Earth Like Newfound Planets

A big meteorite may crash into Earth’s crust, or another Big Bang Theory might occur, which would end the world in a go. Looking at all the problems which are increasing the risk of survival of human species on planet earth.

Due to which scientists and astronomers have been researching the possibilities of life on different planets. Soon, we might be able to go to the moon or live in a house on mars or Uranus. Who Knows?

Well, I would like your kind attention to a recent discovery made by the astronomers of Chile. Let’s deep dive into the topic, the blog will cover the following topic, let’s get ready to discover.

Table of Contents

    1. What are Exoplanets?
    2. Discover Earth Like Planets
    3. Let’s Know About Future

What are Exoplanets?

Before we dive straight into the discovery information, we must know what is “ExoPlanet.” It is also known as an extra-solar planet. It is a planet that is not inside the Solar System.

render of exoplanets

The first-ever proof of the existence of an exoplanet was observed in 1917, but no vital information was discovered. The first confirmed exoplanet was discovered in 1992.

According to the latest reports, there are 4,281 confirmed exoplanets in 3,163 systems.

The discovery of exoplanets has aroused the interest of astronomers in searching for extraterrestrial life. This will be an exclusive zone having possibilities of establishing various habitats, where an opportunity of liquid water will exist, in simpler words, a clone of the Earth.

Discover Earth Like Planets

Chile's huge space observatory

Through the sources, a new study has been published in the journal Science. The study says that Astronomers have discovered two super-Earth exoplanets, which are orbiting a star 11 light-years away from the Earth! 11 light-years away! Doom! That’s pretty close, isn’t it?

This can be one of the best opportunities for finding life outside our Solar system. No one knows we might end up discovering the third planet orbiting a bit further from the star.

This observation was made possible by using the European Southern Observatory in Chile. A team of astronomers had been working on the “RED DOTS” project here in the observatory. Researchers are preparing well for the proximity of this planetary system making it able to study more about it.

This system has been reported to orbit around the Star named “Gliese 877”, a small, reddish star. It is a dwarf star having half the mass of our sun. It is also believed to be the brightest Red dwarf in the sky!

The image of a red dwarf newly discovered planet

The super-earths have a higher mass than the Earth, but they are much smaller than the icy planets consisting of Uranus and Neptune. The two of them are very close to starting having the possibilities of life and the presence of liquid water.

The astronomers working on the Red Dots project are looking for more of such planets around red dwarfs. They have made it possible because they successfully infer the planets using a methodology called “Doppler wobble.” It lets them have an eye for any possible tiniest movement of the star, which is usually caused by the gravitational pull by the planets around them.

The fascinating fact which was found suggested that planets are at their high speeds while orbiting around the stars, which were reported even to be faster than Mercury! That would take them a period of 9.3, which is 21.8 days if compared to that of the Earth!

Wow! That’s a lot of fascinating facts right there. Imagine living on a planet of that kind. Each month will pass as it has just started! How do you imagine living life on a planet like that? For me, that would surely be a fascination that might exist.

The scope of the universe is up to infinity

Let’s Know About Future

Ever heard of a book named “The Future of Humanity.” It’s author compassionately states that humanity’s survival will not be possible on the Earth but the stars!

In an interview, the author explained the possibilities of traveling from one planet to another, using the advanced laser porting techniques, which will prove the best way to reach out to many other galaxies out there.

If we look at evolution on our Earth, it is known that 99.9 species have been extinct with time. It is scary, as well as questionable. Will humans go extinct as well as the other species?

The beautiful view of the night sky

Well, our Mother Nature might have the answer to this question.

We face a lot of hazards, and there’s a lot of them. Firstly, we have human-made disasters like global warming, nuclear proliferation, and biowaste.

On the other hand, we pollute the Earth to each passing day, the more and more. Sadly, we have not controlled it even now. We face mother nature’s wrath from time to time, telling us clearly and loudly – “PLEASE STOP!”. But we are Homo Sapiens, right? We are superior to all the living beings out there on the planet.

Many scientists have clearly warned of the incoming danger to a situation when we will have to start searching for a planet as soon as possible, the whole of the human species will be wiped out! So, it’s all in our hands to save the dying Earth or leave the planet and start civilization on another planet.


Though the stars are extremely far away from us right now, we hope to invent something that will use advanced physics to be faster than the speed of light— the warp drive. It is a fascination for now.

So, we are currently in terms of usage of rockets that don’t have the speed of light, which would take us hundreds of years to reach out to the planets like Earth. The possibility is the only thing we can rely on for now.


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